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We understand that for people who are affected by acne, the journey to achieving a clear complexion can be a challenging one.

The internet is a minefield of information and resources that offer you cut price deals and wonder remedies for your acne – most of which have little to no effect, some of which may even be dangerous if not medically approved.

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At TretDirect we are different – we put you in direct contact with specialist medical professionals who can provide you with the support and advice you need to make an informed choice, regarding the improvement of your skin’s health.

Our aim is to make your journey to beautiful skin as simple and affordable as possible through our doctor-led service that not only delivers a patient centric approach to improving acne, but also delivers effective results.

TretDirect has the answers you have been looking for, but don't just take our word for it, see what our patients have to say about their success with TretDirect.

Life changing!

TrustPilot score 5/5

Kirstyn Suttie


I was facing an extremely long wait to see an NHS dermatologist with no guarantee they’d even even prescribe roaccutane at that point. I had tried expensive medical grade skin ...

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Fast, flexible, caring service. I would recommend TretDirect to anyone

TrustPilot score 5/5

Lucie Nash


After a previous round of isotretinoin on the NHS, my acne returned and I decided I had to go on treatment again. I found TretDirect via Instagram and was initially ...

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Couldn’t fault TretDirect

TrustPilot score 5/5



I have always struggled with my skin, particularly around my chin in my 20s, which always never seemed to budge despite the number of recommended products (both inexpensive and luxury ...

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The best thing ever

TrustPilot score 5/5



I have suffered with acne for years and years and previously sought out roaccutane treatment with the NHS, however, after a very short period of clear skin, my skin relapsed ...

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Totally worth it!! Excellent service!

TrustPilot score 5/5



I started my journey with TretDirect in October after having spent a lot of money different antibiotics and topical creams which did not work. My acne was becoming quite painful ...

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Best Decision Ever!!

TrustPilot score 5/5



I have just finished my 6-month Isotretinoin treatment with TretDirect and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, I could not be happier with the way my skin looks ...

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I have suffered with acne since my…

TrustPilot score 5/5



I have suffered with acne since my early teenage years. I had tried everything to resolve it from expensive skincare and treatments to prescription creams and antibiotics from the GP ...

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Helped me to gain my confidence back

TrustPilot score 5/5



It has been an amazing experience, I am near my complete treatment of Isotretinion, its been a tough ride but the amazing doctors especially Dr Aryah has been amazing in ...

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